Why the Ford Transit Custom is the Best Choice for a Campervan in 2022

In the last few years, VW campervan owners and converters have been rightly keeping a close eye on the exponential rise in popularity of the Ford Transit Custom campervan. There are many reasons that buyers are shifting their interest towards the FTCCV. Increasing numbers are appearing on the road, in AutoTrader and on dealer forecourts. It seems the ascendency of this award-winning van is set to continue unbounded.

So why is the Ford Transit Custom the best choice for a campervan in 2022?

It is a Consistent Award Winner

Since the last upgrade in 2016 you will find it difficult to fault the Ford Transit Custom as a medium sized van. It regularly scores highly in reviews for its driving experience, interior and exterior design and standard features. The van is a prolific award winner among the top auto websites and magazines.

It has also been confirmed as the best selling UK van in 2020 thanks to official figures from the Sociey of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). An incredible 43,551 were sold in 2020. That is 20,000 more than the second place Mercedes Sprinter and almost three times more than the VW Transporter sitting in fourth place.

Ford Transit Custom Campervan - Best in 2021?
Credit: Wellhouse Leisure

Originality – It is not a VW Campervan!

There is no question that the VW is the most successful campervan in history. It is an icon and always will be. However, their ubiquity has made even the most proud VW owners concede that they are often one of too many at the campsite, lakeside or beach. Cool – yes, original – no…

If you want to be part of the biggest campervan owners club in the world then the VW is the choice for you. However, if you want to regularly turn heads from campervan owners and the general public then a Ford Transit Custom Campervan will not disappoint. Even though it is the best selling van in the UK there are still relatively few camper conversions when compared to the VW.

It is the Ideal Size for a Campervan

The Ford Transit Custom short wheelbase low roof (SWB L1H1) van measures 4.97m in length, 2m high and 2.08m in width with the mirrors folded. It is slightly larger than the equivalent VW Transporter but still fits in a standard parking space. It will also squeeze under most 2m high car park barriers. The van walls are very square on the inside when compared to other vans without appearing ugly from the outside. With a mere 2.93m wheelbase it is also highly manoeuvrable for a van of its size.

Ford Transit Custom Campervan
Credit: Custom Camper Solutions

The Ford Transit Custom Campervan has a Better Range of High Roof Options

The Ford Transit Custom van is available with a high roof option in both short wheelbase and long wheelbase versions. The VW transporter range only includes a high roof option for the LWB version. In addition, the high roof on the FTCCV (total height 2350mm) is not as high as that of the VW Transporter (2500m). While some plus six footers may see this as a disadvantage, the majority of users of height under six foot will prefer the slightly lower roof. The advantages are obvious; more access to height barrier controlled car parks, more fuel efficiency, a more stable drive especially in higher winds, and a less obtrusive look when parked on the driveway. We think the Ford Transit Custom high roof is the best looking van in its class.

Ford Transit Custom Campervan High Roof
Credit: Auto Campers

For anyone above six foot in height there are after market high roofs that can be added. See the post Pop Top or High Top? Ford Transit Custom Campervan Roof Options for more details.

A Ford Transit Custom Campervan is Cheaper than a VW

For some, cost is secondary to specification, but for others it is the most important factor when choosing a campervan. You will generally pay several thousand pounds less for an FTCCV than for its equivalent VW counterpart. In addition, when you take into account the maintenance costs, Ford parts and service fees will almost always be cheaper too. It used to be that lower costs resulted in lower quality but this just is not the case with the Ford Transit Custom. This van has a strong reputation for reliability.

The Trail and Active Models look Awesome as a Camper Conversion

This video from Wellhouse Leisure shows a great example of a camper based on the Trail model.

Resale Values are High

Due to the relatively low number of FTCCVs in circulation their resale values remain high. Although this is common with almost all campervans it is still a real advantage to buying one, either new or used. After the first three years, if the van is maintained correctly, the depreciation costs should be negligible for average mileage vehicles.

Is the Ford Transit Custom Campervan the Best Choice?

So is the Ford Transit Custom Campervan the best choice of campervan in 2022? We clearly think so and anyone who is considering investing in a campervan should at least go and see one, and more importantly, take it for a test drive. Do you agree with us? Feel free to leave a comment…

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Bill Taylor
2 years ago

Well said! It truly is a great van and worthy of these comments. I have owned 2 x VWs before getting my current Transit custom and I will never go back to owning a Transporter!!

Peter - Thistle Rose
1 year ago

We recommend the Transit Custom over a VW now whenever a customer is open to have a discussion.

The tide is turning – we’re now completing as many Transit Custom conversions as we do VW T6.1’s. I’d add these advantages to the Transit Custom over the VW or any other compact sub 3.5t van.

1. The L2H2 is a fantastic compromise on footprint, overall height and interior space – a better alternative to the Ducato/Boxer/Relay for exploringb narrow cornish lanes or Highland drover roads
2. At it’s widest on the interior, the Transit Custom is 80mm wider than the VW – this makes a huuge difference to the space available for either a wider bed or more stowage space. Although 80mm wider on the interior – with the mirrors folded in, it is actually narrower on the otside than the VW.
3. Yes the Transit Custom is usually cheaper to buy than the VW. But anecdotally, I would say thet the Transit Custom quality has improved in the past 4 years that I’ve seen whereas I can’t say the same for the VW where cost cutting exercises at the factory are apparent in the product now.

9 months ago

Yes we agree , Just about to collect our Wildax Ford Transit custom Proteus

11 months ago

Ford transit custom camper is a much better maybe because mine is professionally done not by a production line or a one man band in a garage. The ford custom looks better aswell. Yes the VW will hold value more but that’s just badge snobbery. I would buy the Ford over the VW any day.

Mann Tim
1 year ago

Totally! I’ve recently got my torneau camper, A wellhouse conversation & love it. The comments above are on the button