The Top 5 Accessories for the Ford Transit Custom Campervan

Why these Accessories?

This article contains a list of the top five accessories that we believe are essential for anyone that owns a Ford Transit Custom Campervan. We have taken some items from the standard list of required camping gear while others are a little more unobvious. All of these recommendations are based on our own extensive touring experience.

Are they suitable for other Campervans?

Clearly you can use some of these accessories in any campervan so this article should be useful to all other vehicle owners. If you have any recommendations of your own please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

5. Climair/HEKO Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are cheap, relatively easy to fit and look great. They allow you to open the front windows by a few centimetres when it is raining. Rain water will not enter the vehicle. This drastically helps with lowering condensation levels in damp and humid conditions. You can also leave windows open at night and the casual observer will not notice.

Accessories Wind Deflector Climair
Credit: Ford

The main issue with these is that they do provide some resistance to the electric window motor. It is unlikely that using them will cause a motor burnout but be aware that window opening and closing times will be increased.

Also note that when fitting them care is needed as the plastic is sharp and can cause damage to the rubber window seals. Finally, we found that they can squeak a little when travelling over uneven surfaces although this can usually be fixed by cleaning and refitting them.

The two major suppliers are HEKO and Climair. Ford supply Climair ones through their dealers. They are usually held in stock and cost about the same as ordering online from Climair.

4. Wild Earth Sun Canopy

This is the ideal sun canopy for those that like to keep things simple. The complete kit includes poles, pegs and guy ropes and fits in a very small bag that weighs a mere 2.8kg. It is made from extremely tough material and feels very much like a high quality item. You can erect the canopy in a matter of minutes on your own but it is definitely easier with two people. It will fit any Ford Transit Custom fitted with an awning rail.

Wild Earth Sun Canopy Ford Transit Custom Campervan

There are multiple sizes and colours available on the Wild Earth website.

On a side note we found that the canopy doubles as a great barrier on which to place a picnic blanket on the beach or on grass. View the Wild Earth Sun Canopy on Amazon.

3. Inpress Plastics 9.5L Water Container

We carry just under 80L of water in our Ford Transit Custom Campervan, 40L is in an underslung tank. In addition there is a 20L and 2 x 9.5L water tanks under the bed. This gives us maximum flexibility and means we can spend up to a week without visiting a campsite. By far the most useful tank is the 9.5L one shown here.

Water Container 9.5L Accessories
Credit: Amazon UK

It is 35cm high so will fit under most beds and is very slim in width. We often use this tank to fill the main 40L underslung water tank. While it can take 3 or 4 fills from the tap it avoids needing to carry a large hose pipe or park near the water tap. It is easy enough to transfer the water using a funnel attached to a short length of hose.

This size of tank is extremely useful if you need some emergency water. Not many people notice someone filling a 10L tank of water from a marina or harbour tap for example. View the Inpress Plastics Water Container on Amazon.

2. Silicone Draining Pad

This is one of things that we bought without any thought and then wondered how we ever managed without it. Ours is actually a Vigar brand that does not seem to be available in the UK anymore. We cannot remember which store we bought it in. Below is a similar product listed on Amazon. If you have a sink/hob combination then these are perfect for draining your washing up. They will also double up as a surface on which to place hot pans prior to serving.

Silicone Drain Mat Accessories
Credit: Amazon UK

Do check the dimensions of your surface before buying one as they come in lots of different sizes. We noticed that not all mats have the drainage option. View the Silicone Dish Drying Mat on Amazon.

1. Lifeventure Thermal Mug

If you are wondering what mug you need for your coffee or tea then look no further. These mugs hold 300ml (a regular sized mug) and keep liquids hot for about 8 hours in our experience. You can buy them in a wide variety of colours and they are leak free if you want to carry one in your bag.

Accessories Mug

They are easy to clean and lightweight. For a mug with a screw on lid we found them easy to drink from. We did actually have a problem with the seal on one of our mugs but a quick phone call to Lifeventure and all was resolved. They were very helpful and we received new seals in the post within a few days. View the Lifeventure Thermal Mug on Amazon.

What do you think?

What do you think of these recommendations? Do you have any other accessories that you think should be on the list? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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