Freeride Campervans Transit Custom 2021

Reviewed 25 Jul 2022 by Rich Jones

Converter - Freeride Campervans


Having had 7m behemoth motorhomes and touring caravans we realised we wanted a go anywhere do anything van converion. We already had the transit custom DCIV as a base vehicle so that was a great start.

We looked into lots of different layouts – thank you YouTube and local dealerships, and looked into layouts available from kit suppliers. It was on one kit supply website; EVO Motion Design; that we found our converter of choice.

Being local to us was a great asset as after various emails stating our desierd options we drove to Ellesmere to see Sion and one of his vehicles in prep.

My wife immediately took to him as he had time to discuss options and for her to say she would be happy with someone working on our van is a great start!

Initially we wanted a bed in sliding rails but due to supply issues and the rib bed we had speced we went for fixed layout -so happy we did now as 5 months into use it is amazing.

Not having rails to trip over or collect detritus is a great bonus, the storage inder the 120cm rib seat is massive and being a Rid Bed you have a dedicated sleeping side.

The rest of the conversion was pretty standard dometic 2 ring gas hob, gas cabinet with vent to outside through the floor and 12v/240v power. We did have some spefic needs and we were very well accomodated by freeride, underslung fresh and waste water means we have more storage space and are able to utilise the driver seat on swivel base – the single passenger seat swivels aslo. The Victron kit and battery is housed under the passenger seat.

Due to mountain biking and outdoor swimming hobies we wanted the ability to wash off mucky or sandy kit – this was accomplished by the addition of an outdoor shower located in the service area behind drivers seat. Yes its only cold water but very powerful and gets sand off feet or forest muck off bikes perfectly.

In addiion to the water tanks we had a Vitrifigo top opening fridge ,160W solar panel and autoterm heater installed.

All in all Freeride Campervans have been brilliant every step of the way, a week affer collecting in March this year we spent 2 weeks in france and everything worked so well, in fact as I write this we arw sat in the french alps on a 3 week trip where weve ised electric hookup on a site once as it was included in the cost.

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