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mrmrsC said:

Does anyone have any worked examples of alternative layouts for theirs other others conversions. I’m a bit tired of seeing rock n roll bed style layouts and need a bit of inspiration. We would like a fixed bed (sleeping widthways) at the rear, for decent storage space underneath. Then kitchen under window on drivers side. And for extra seating, maybe trying to squeeze a small bench seat against the bed between kitchen and sliding door. We’re very early on in our conversion (windows installed and insulation just finished) in our 2016 L1H1 – can’t find anyone that’s attempted a layout like this and really struggling to see if it’s practical or not. Suggestions / recommendations of other alternative layouts would be helpful as inspiration. I’ve just found this guy on YouTube who has a widthways bed at the front, and he’s used his space really well.

I did this to my Vito so I could

1) still carry 2 daughters

2) Use the van as a van

3) fit in motorbike